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Minimize downtime and maximize productivity with our comprehensive spare parts service:

  • Most spare parts are shipped on the same day as ordered
  • Spares dating back 25 years are kept in stock for fast ordering
  • All spare parts undergo rigorous quality checks prior to shipping
  • Spares are shipped with easy-to-follow set-up and assembly instructions, and links to technical pages on this website
  • All spares are supplied with a 12-month warranty

Head to our client logon to see comprehensive spare parts lists.

Evolution supplies a wide range of useful accessories for your vaccinators, hatcheries, farms and fisheries, including:

  • Hypodermic needles (0.8 mm x 25.0 mm)
  • Drip chamber with air vent and tube for vaccine supply
  • Semi-automatic poultry de-beakers
  • Conveyors and carousels
  • Air preparation equipment, dryers and compressors

Contact us for more information on available accessories.